Our Mission:

  1. To equip each child with a foundation to succeed in the Howard County Public School System.
  2. To do so in a safe, caring, and Christ-centered environment.

To accomplish the first part of our Mission, we use the Abeka Christian Academic Program taught by certified teachers. Our Bethany Learning Center Committee, which supervises our entire program, includes professional educators, both currently employed by, and retired from, the Howard County Public School

To accomplish the second part of our Mission, we regularly  teach Bible stories, along with Scripture memorization, with a view to introduce each child to the love of God found in Jesus Christ. One of the highlights of each week is a Wednesday morning, child-friendly, Chapel time, led by the senior pastor of Bethany Church, Kip Smith.

We encourage our Bethany Learning Center families to use the pastoral and other resources that are available at Bethany Church.